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Special Terms or Conditions of Sale


1.  As mentioned earlier we do not have a base price for any of our dogs, and  it must be noted that Fine Tiny Toys, Pocket Poodles, Show Quality Poodles, Service/Therapy Poodles and specialty colors will generally sell for more.  Pricing will be quoted for each puppy individually.

2.  A deposit of at least $200.00  is required to hold a puppy.  Please note that the size of the deposit (down payment) will be determined as a percentage of the total purchase price, plus delivery cost.  Under no circumstances are any deposits refundable!   If we have held a puppy for you, or performed a selective breeding upon your request, we undertake a substantial financial risk.  You must know that with each passing day, our ability to place a puppy with someone else becomes more difficult.  The result is that older puppies lose their optimum value with the passage of time.  However, should you choose to select a puppy later, we will be pleased to apply a portion of your deposit to the purchase of that puppy.

3.  Payments for puppies which includes the purchase price minus the deposit and plus any other agreed upon costs MUST be paid in full prior to receipt.  No puppy will be transferred to its new owner with an account balance owed. 

4.  On rare occasions, we have allowed individuals purchasing a puppy the privilege of paying for a puppy on a recurring payment basis prior to shipment.   We consider payments accepted on this basis part of the non-refundable deposit.   PLEASE NOTE:  This arrangement is on a case-by-case basis and for our convenience only.

5.  Payment can be made by Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Direct Bank Deposit.   Personal checks may be accepted but we insist on a 10-15 day clearing period.  Any returned check will be subject to a return fee of not less than $25.00 or not more than $50.00 based on charges levied by our banking institution.

6.  We love to place our puppies in a "forever home" where they can be the star of the show and enjoy all the love and hugs they could want. 

7.  We will not knowingly sell a puppy to a breeder.  We have worked so hard for so long to perfect our bloodlines and simply have no interest in the possible dilution of our efforts by another breeder.


1.  Any puppy with a projected adult weight of 4 pounds or less will be sold with a limited registration.
(This means they cannot be used for breeding to produce a registered litter.)

2.  We will not provide any guarantee for any puppy with a projected adult weight of 4 pounds or less because they have proved themselves as an extremely high maintenance pet.

3.  This is done to protect the breed and the health of the dog.

4. All of my adult dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the United Kennel Club  (UKC), which means that all puppies are eligible for registry as well.

5.  I am keenly interested in the outcome of all breedings and for that reason I do not immediately register any litter.   Waiting to register my puppies will insure that all colors and sizes will be accurate because controlling genetic traits is such a delicate process.  We will always appreciate you patience in this matter. 

We do not ship our puppies!

We invite or encourage you to pick up your puppy at our home. If this is not possible, we will hand deliver your puppy to you in person, at your home or local airport or any other mutually convenient location. Although you can pay the balance on the puppy at that time, travel expenses do vary and will be paid in advance.  All puppies and all agreed costs of purchase must be paid in full upon receipt, please note that upon delivery, we will only accept payment by cashier's check, money order or cash. 

We do require a deposit that you pay in advance.  Generally, it is $200.00, however, it is variable based on the unique characteristics and breeding genetics of each puppy, and can be made by cashier's check, money order.   In some cases, we have accepted personal checks, but have insisted on a 10-15 day clearing period.  Returned checks will be subject to a return fee of not less than $25.00 or not more than $50.00 based on charges levied by our banking institution.

Rest assured we would discuss completely all details regarding the receipt of your puppy to avoid any possible confusion.

To place an order, or request information, simply send an E-mail request to us or use our Information Request Form using the icons directly below!



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