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(Just some pictures involving our puppies that we had or were sent to us and found amusing!)

"Love or somethin' like it's got a hold on me"
Lyric by Kenny Rogers

This pig is hogging our bed!

Can you say nose?

Come on Mom, you promised me a ride!

I'm wearing this get-up to what party?

Is this your idea of a joke?  I refuse to leave this house in this getup!


I didn't eat any ice cream.......
as  if there was any evidence of that!

Ok, so I look silly, why won't you talk to me!


Don Vito says, 
"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse!"

800 bucks for some stinky old fish eggs and a half glass of champagne?  You must be joking!

Now that's a real dogpile!


Okay, I'll wait but when are the guests arriving?


"You did say this had no calories, right?"

I can deal with being red and white, but if you come near me with any blue paint there is gonna be a war!

A Pair of Red Heads

Santa, I want a Mommy and Daddy for Christmas!

Naps are so much better with a pillow!

Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?

It must be love!
"Go for a walk?...Sure, just as long as you don't think this sweater makes me look fat!"

Eww....... you're a cat, quit kissing me!

Hey guys, I prefer Pepsi!

That's it, now say Ahhhhhh!

Get off my leg!  It's going to sleep!   MOM!


Ok Mom,  I'm back,  I went potty!

Shadow  Dancer?

Okay, the haircut is fine, but the bow is over the top!


Natasha, Look it's Moose and sqvirrel!!!

"Grow old along with me; 
The best is yet to be"
Lyric by John Lennon


"Furry Friends"

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***** Viewers - Please Read and Take Note   *****

Our photo pages are very graphic intensive because we have tried to provide the best pictures possible.  Your Internet connection will dictate the loading speed so please be patient, it should certainly be worth the wait!

The dogs appearing on this site are not for sale.

Over the following pages you will see actually 38 separate pictures of my dogs. 

Please know that a majority of those pictured have now moved on to a new owner.

The handful of dogs that do reside with me are the result of my breeding diligence conducted over five or more successive generations.

My goal was to always develop dogs with qualities so predictable that they would virtually clone themselves and I think these pictures will support the result.

We deliberately do not post pictures of puppies available for sale in order to have a web site that is always current!

...and we ONLY post pictures of dogs we have produced!


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